Documents Relating to James Nourse of Virginia: Nourse Wills from 17th to 18th Centuries

1. William Cope of Icomb, Gloucestershire, Esq.
Descendant of Sir Anthony Cope, 1st Baronet of Hanwell
b. 1612, Hanwell, Oxfordshire
d. 7 August 1691, Icomb, Gloucestershire
m. Lady Elizabeth Fane, daughter of Sir Francis Fane, 1st Earl of Westmorland, KB
burial: St. Mary the Virgin, Icomb, Gloucestershire
Last Will & Testament :: dated 24 September 1690
Memorial Stone of William and Elizabeth (Fane) Cope at St. Mary the Virgin, in Icomb
Memorial Stone - Inscription Detail

2. Elizabeth Cope (William1)
b. November 1647, Tangly, Oxfordshire
d. April 1731, Canon Frome, Herefordshire
m. 1st, Thomas Whitney, of Whitney, Herefordshire, Esq.
m. 2nd, Thomas Geers, Serjeant-at-Law & Deputy Steward of Hereford
burial: Canon Frome, Herefordshire
Last Will & Testament :: dated 2 September 1721
Last Will & Testament of Thomas Geers, Esq. :: dated 15 September 1696

3. Elizabeth Geers (Elizabeth2, William1)
b. November 1682, Hereford, Herefordshire
d. 3 September 1748, Canon Frome, Herefordshire
m. 1st, William Gregory, of How Caple, Herefordshire, Esq. (see Gregory)
m. 2nd, Richard Hopton, of Canon Frome, Herefordshire, Esq.
Marriage Allegation :: dated January 1698
Last Will & Testament of William Gregory, Esq. :: dated 3 April 1702
Last Will & Testament of Richard Hopton, Esq. :: dated 10 November 1758

4. Elizabeth Gregory (Elizabeth Geers3, Elizabeth Cope2, William Cope1)
b. August 1701, Hereford, Herefordshire
d. 1749, Weston-under-Penyard, Herefordshire
m. John Nourse, Esq. of Weston-under-Penyard, Herefordshire (see Nourse)
burial: assumed St. Laurence's Church, Weston-under-Penyard, Herefordshire
Last Will & Testament of John Nourse, Esq. :: dated 24 June 1749

Children of John & Elizabeth (Gregory) Nourse:

i. John Nourse (1722-1753), d.s.p.
ii. William Nourse (1723-1788), married Ann Mayo.
iii. Elizabeth Nourse (1726-), died young.
iv. Philip Nourse (1727-1740), d.s.p.
v. Ann Nourse (1729-), died young.
vi. JAMES NOURSE (1731-1784), married Sarah Fouace of London.
vii. Robert Nourse (1733-1787), d.s.p.
viii. Timothy Nourse (1735-1778), d.s.p. in America.
ix. Susanna Nourse (1736-1786)
x. Elizabeth Nourse (1738-1800), died unmarried.

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